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A Chinese princess and a magic well

On a hill at the back of the town, Chinese tombs are left unattended by relatives for generations and most names and dates have been eroded by the rains. What remains is an old, half forgotten cemetery on Bukit China, "China Hill" and the story of a Ming princess.

In ancient times, Malacca and China carried on a diplomatic war of wits which grew to be legendary. Around 1460, when Sultan Mansur Shah ruled Malacca, A Chinese ship sailed into port with special orders from the Son Of Heaven. The entire interior of the ship was delicately pinned with gold needles and the message sent to the Sultan read: "For every gold needle, I have a subject; if you could count their number, then you would know my power."

The Sultan was impressed, but dismayed. He sent back a ship stuffed with bags of sago with the message:"If you can count the grains of sago on this ship you will have guessed the number of my subjects correctly, and you will know my power." The Chinese Emperor was so intrigued that he sent his daughter, Princess Hang Li Poh to marry the Sultan. She came with no less than 500 ladies in waiting, all of great beauty. The Sultan gave them "the hill without the town" as as private residence and promised that the land they occupied would never be taken away from them. To this day, Bukit China belong to Malacca's Chinese community. Many of the graves there date back to the Ming Dynasty; they are among the oldest Chinese relics in Malaysia.

Princess Hang Li Poh's followers built a well at the foot of the hill, whose water soon became as legendary as her marriage contract. The Chinese says that after Admiral Cheng Ho drank from the well, its water attained an extraordinary purity. It never dried up, even during the most severe drought and many believed that if visitors drank from it they would return to Malacca someday again.

Now, the Perigi Raja, or Sultan's Well, is protected by wire mesh. It has not dried up and its purity has entered history. Historically however, it is improbable that Admiral Cheng Ho had any thing to do with this well because he visited Malacca long before Hang Li Poh entourage arrived in Malacca.

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